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Welcome to Blogging For Income (This is an H1 heading)

Over the next few weeks we are going to slowly prepare what will be in the future a blogging for income pdf file on how we are working, why we are working and what we hope to achieve and how it is all going in terms of earning the almighty dollar $$.

Blogging for an Income

Blogging for an Income

Unlike some of my fellow bloggers who have or are simply blogging about their hobbies , their family, their car, a holiday or their sex life, I am about to show you how we have achieved a number of things and made an income from them.

What will we discuss (this is an H2 Heading)

We will discuss the so called art of blogging and off course by the time the ink is dry there will be many changes thanks to Google.com and the so called guru’s that have built a fortune making, forecasting and in some cases instigating the changes

You as the reader or as the system likes to call it subscriber or better still as my wife likes to call you my income source(s) . You have to make a decision over time if in fact we are writing respectable information , info that will assist you to make an income or whether we are writing crap simply to make an income from it.

Within the next 48 hours we will write the first of 100 articles. Be aware that in those articles there will be links and products mentioned , some we will gain an income from if you decide to buy them and some we will not bother to sell, in fact there will be a lot of information as to how to do the most of this for next to nothing.

We will discuss the cheapest methods, and the cost efficient methods along with the where to get this done for you or as the guru’s call it outsourcing the work.

Who do we need to keep happy (This is an H3 Heading)

We will keep google happy from time to time and add links to other sources as references, we will add images with the correct al text (alternate text in place) we will add videos ( from my you tube channel) with links for me to make an income from.

Blogging is an art form ( what a load of rubbish) or so we are told. Its not an art form it can be used as an income sourcing system while providing content that the reader/subscriber/client/income source/ wants to read and finds it valuable or in simpler terms finds it of value.

If you the reader/subscriber/client/income source/ find one item of value in every other article then I will be happy ( more than happy if you make me a $1.00)

Well this is Day One – and I hope that somewhere along the way you read this one before you get the remainder of my blogging for income articles sent to you –

Have a great Day

Jock Tiernan


First – Lesson

This article contains 3 Headings an H1, H2, H3 these are required in every article to keep the G happy

There are Keywords (Blogging for income) in Bold and Italic at the start , through the middle and Italics at the end

There are Keywords (blogging) that have a link added to them back to this site and in the future to other articles we have written (when we have written them)  we will come back and addd them. (internal links and external links are required)

We have an external link to google ( you need them at least 1 ) to get them crawlers working

We have an external link to one of other sites made an income

There are Key words in the Widgets to the right – to my other sites and to a sales link (making money) for this we use a plugin we will discuss later

There are Little pictures of Facebook, Twitter and others on the left floating – we use the to get social links and backlinks

The image has at alt txt within it to make it acceptable to G and to rank it in the G images when searched

We have used Two systems to gain backlinks for the page – and we have set an auto indexer to get this indexed tonite

We have added this to external back linking sources – some we will explain later , some free and some cost $

We have added Images of other sites below the articles for you to click on and of you buy we get paid

Hope these help – remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)

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